The Plays

"You don’t need to be a Shakespeare fanatic to get it all. In the script, Gartner toys smartly with the parallels between our two plagues... everyone watching is in hysterics." The Guardian

"Shakespeare made use of the plague quarantine to write King Lear and Macbeth.

[...] Is it actually true? Well, maybe." The Guardian

In Bard in the Yard you help the greatest playwright of all time overcome his plague quarantine-induced writer's block.... and you must succeed, upon pain of boils. And all our heads on sticks.

Both Bard in the Yard plays are solo shows performed by individual actors spread across England and Scotland. These newly written plays by Victoria Gartner are a monologue from William Shakespeare, in which the Bard speaks about his life and times, and takes you through excerpts of his works. You will learn more about Elizabethan England, Shakespearean legends and the many colourful characters populating the Bard’s life in this “Shakespeare fanfiction” (Victoria Gartner in The Guardian, 2020).

"There's something here for everyone and you'll be laughing and singing along with Will Shakespeare in your very own garden. Dr Anjna Chouhan, Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust


Help Shakespeare write Macbeth

Available anywhere on this blessed isle, no matter thy postcode.


Considering it was a plague year and all, William Shakespeare feels that he's written a pretty decent play that certainly seemed to please the audience, with this King Leonardo comedy.


But now the King himself has requested some new entertainment: a show about his native Scotland, and it must be a triumph! The Bard is confronted to his blank parchment once more and is desperately looking for inspiration to create another hit... What do people even like, these days?


Join the Bard on this new roller-coaster across classic monologues, Scottish landscapes and another year of plague lockdown.

The Scottish Play


Help Shakespeare write King Lear

Available in Greater London, the Midlands, the South East and Liverpool.

William Shakespeare is stuck. Like, really stuck. Blank parchment stuck. He is trying to write a new masterpiece, and has the weight of his company's eager return to the stage on his shoulders. What's more, his rival Ben Jonson, on top of making the best sourdough bread ever, also has a new play in the works...

Not to worry, Will has a title already: "The Most Lamentable Comedy of King Leonardo, his Three Daughters and Their Dog". Since he might need a bit more than that, he has decided to pick your brains and make sure this new show is the smash hit it is promising to be.

"King Leonardo" is a 50-minute antidote to lockdown blues "delivered to perfection" (The Telegraph) that will take you on a roller-coaster ride of classic monologues and plague quarantine travails.


King Leonardo

Bard in the Yard is about 55 minutes long, with no interval.

It is suitable for children aged 10+.

The Bard will bring their own props to your yard.

A Bard can perform in any outdoor space.


Written by Victoria Gartner & William Shakespeare
Directed by Victoria Gartner
Executive Producer Charlie Mackellar
PR & Education Beatrice Lawrence
Assistant Directors Runa Augdal & Aaron Blackledge

Godmother of Bard in the Yard Dame Helen Mirren
Bard in the Yard is a project from Will & Co


They come to us from the National Theatre, the RSC, the BBC, The Hollow Crown, Outlander, Call the Midwife, Doctors, or Secret Cinema and they are spread all over the UK & Scotland. Our 2021 Bards are...

Adam Morgan | Alice Merivale | Alix Dunmore | Arron Greechan | Brigid Lohrey | Caroline Mathison |

Christopher Commander | Hannah Young | Henry Charnock | Honey Gabriel | Jonathan Blakeley | Kate Roche |

Kaya Bucholc | Kit McGuire | Luke Farrugia | Rosanna Turner | Rupert Sadler | Sulin Hasso | Will Harrison-Wallace