Shakespeare Goes Viral tells you everything you've ever wanted to know about the making of Bard in the Yard


Comprising seven episodes, this podcast invites the listener to learn more about Shakespeare in a very colloquial way, thanks to the interview by famed Swiss broadcaster Zelda Chauvet of writer and director Victoria Gartner. Alongside the extensive interview, the episodes are scattered with anecdotes from the Bards who performed in outdoor spaces across the UK during the pandemics of summer 2020 and 2021, as well as producer and co-creator of Bard in the Yard Charlie Mackellar.


Five episodes explore the Shakespearean themes of the plague, love, comedy, tragedy and magic, while the two final ones are complete recordings of Bard in the Yard plays King Leonardo and The Scottish Play.


This podcast was possible thanks to the support of the Swiss Cultural Fund UK, the Swiss Embassy’s support fund for the arts.

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In this episode, find out more about the genesis of Bard in the Yard and about how Shakespeare (and our Bards) wrote plays during the plague.

Including: an interview with Victoria Gartner and anecdotes from producer Charlie Mackellar and actor Henry Charnock. Excerpts of 'King Leonardo' performed by Rupert Sadler and 'The Scottish Play' performed by Luke Farrugia.

Shakespeare Goes Viral is co- produced by Will & Co and Zelda Chauvet, La Souris Verte

With an interview of Bard in the Yard writer and director Victoria Gartner

Music by Kevin Queille

King Leonardo is performed by Luke Farrugia

The Scottish Play is performed by Rupert Sadler

With anecdotes from actors Henry Charnock, Charlie Mackellar, Kit McGuire, Honey Gabriel, Jonathan Blakeley, Alix Dunmore, Jonathan McGarrity, Will Harrison-Wallace and Hannah Young.

Recordings of the plays are by Bobby Goulder and Aaron Blackledge

With support from the Swiss Cultural Fund UK