A comedy by William Shakespeare Victoria Gartner


Every time the plague strikes, all I hear is “Ovid wrote The Metamorphoses in quarantine, what are you doing with your time?” By Jupiter! Thanks, that’s really helpful.

Usually what I do is: I go back and see what was a box-office success in the past in order to get some inspiration. So, let’s see - which ones of mine did you like?

The year is 1605, London is besieged by plague, and William Shakespeare is battling a severe case of writer’s block and quarantine procrastination. So far he has a working title for his next smash hit: ‘King Leonardo, His Three Daughters, and their Dog’ ...and that’s about it.

In search of inspiration, and in the hope of reigniting the Bard blockbuster-machine,

Will undertakes to directly engage with you, the theatre-going public, from your gardens and private open air spaces. His purpose: to understand the success of his previous box-office hits, and remind himself of the ingredients for a truly great play.

The big question: has the Bard still got it?

It was the most poignant reminder of the power of Shakespeare, the need for story telling, and the necessity of human connection.

Michelle Terry, Shakespeare's Globe

The mock-biographical element is entertainingly well handled (by writer/director Victoria Baumgartner). The Telegraph

In the script, Baumgartner toys smartly with the parallels between our two plagues, riffing on lockdown hobbies and comparing theatres’ competition with Netflix to the enticing thrill of bear-baiting. The Guardian

Writer & Director Victoria Gartner is a Shakespeare specialist who has studied Shakespeare extensively for more than 10 years, both academically and through her work on stages. She has worked as a writer and director in Switzerland, Germany and the UK, and was nominated as Best Director by the OFFIES. She founded Will & Co theatre company in 2015. Her longest-running play Will or Eight Lost Years of William Shakespeare's Life was translated in two languages had successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe and toured Europe. Victoria gives Shakespeare workshops at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and teaches Shakespeare at East15 Acting School for the BA in Acting as well as the MA in Directing.