Bard in Southwark Cathedral's Yard

07 Aug, 13:00 – 08 Aug, 16:00

Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge, London SE1 9DA, UK

Over 400 years after gracing the grounds as a parish member, William Shakespeare is returning to Southwark Cathedral with Bard in the Yard!

About the Event​

We are delighted to be bringing the Bard to this incredible iconic space, steeped in Shakespearean history. With it's stained-glass window of Shakespeare's works, plus a brand new statue of Will himself, what better location to watch the Bard live? This church used to be called "the Church on the wrong side of the river" and even if Dorkins the cat is retired, the gardens are still charming! 5 Bards are bringing you their own taste of Shakespeare on this mighty occasion:

Rupert Sadler

07 Aug, 13:00

Alix Merivale

07 Aug, 16:00

Michael Southwark

07 Aug, 18:00

Luke Farrugia

08 Aug, 13:00

Alice Merivale

08 Aug, 13:00