The Bard in Your School Yard

A performance of Bard in the Yard and our workshop are ideal for Years 9-11,

as well as in preparation for GCSEs.

We  strongly believe live theatre and active workshops are crucial educational tools to engage with Shakespeare's verse.

Whether your students are preparing for GCSE's or will be having their first insight into Shakespearean text,

we can provide the perfect tailored experience for all levels.

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Close your books and look up from your desks! William Shakespeare is here to tell you all about his life in plague quarantine in 1606.


You will learn about Queen Elizabeth and King James I, about Shakespeare’s company and the Globe playhouse, and about the Bard’s competition: bear-baiting and Ben Jonson! In other to try to kickstart the Bard’s inspiration, this roller-coaster journey will stop along the way for some well-known classics as well as hidden gems: you will hear speeches from Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry V, and many more…


Is there a better way to feel involved in Shakespeare than actually helping him write a masterpiece? No, we didn’t think so either. This year, you can choose which play you would like your students to help Shakespeare write: King Lear or Macbeth.


We guarantee that Bard in the Bard is an experience that none of your students will ever forget!


"The pupils at Merchant Taylors’ School had an excellent experience working on such a relevant play. In addition to exploring some of Shakespeare’s great speeches, they were able to learn about the context in which he was writing. "

Cheryl Clarke, Head of Drama

Merchant Taylor's School

"My students really, really enjoyed this workshop and the completely new insight it gave them into Shakespeare’s plays and universe. We will welcome you again in a heartbeat!"


French high school teacher

"The pupils learnt a lot, had fun, witnessed the hard work needed for a one-man show, and got a lot of free advice into the bargain.

Thank you, on behalf of the enthusiastic kids who had the treat of participating and watching."

Lloyd Allington, Director of Drama, Dean Close School

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Our Workshop will bring all Apprentice Bards to the Yard!


The show is not over yet. You’ve helped the Bard a lot, but now it’s your turn to shine!

A workshop with the Bard will get your students on their feet: warm-up and pronunciation exercises will be paired with movement and script notes. Each student will come out of this 1-hour session having memorised and performed a line of Shakespeare’s verse. We guarantee that after this, iambic pentameter will never seem daunting again!


We believe that Shakespeare should be fun. Our Artistic Director Victoria Gartner’s workshop methods have been honed through years of experience teaching Shakespeare workshops in schools and universities, notably at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and East15 Acting School in London. We will get your students our of their footnotes and on stage, and will spark their confidence in tackling Shakespeare.  


According to statistics published by CEDAR (Centre for Educational Development, Attainment and Research: Prof. Steve Strand, 2010), students that benefit from a successful Shakespeare workshop also show statistically significant improvement in their general attitude to school. Because if they are shown that they understand Shakespeare, they believe they could understand pretty much anything else!

The Workshop


Bard in the Yard review

“Bard in the Yard is a very well thought out play responding excellently to the current coronavirus rules. This comical piece is a great way to make Shakespeare’s work more accessible to a young audience as it cleverly connects his experience with writers block during the 1605 plague, (although there were many outbreaks during his lifetime), and the modern day Covid-19. To outline the performance, it consists of Will trying to write his next play by going back to his previous masterpieces for some inspiration. Despite his attempts, his efforts were futile, and all he comes up with is a title. Shakespeare becomes a star in his own ‘sitcom’, as he clearly sews together lines and themes from his old plays to create a comical performance perfect for any age.”

Student, Year 9