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Available from Friday 18th December to Thursday 31st December

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"We loved the show, the range of emotion from serious to silly, the humour and the sadness, just being back in a theatrical setting was very emotional , congratulations to you all..."

Marie, Virtual Audience

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"The Bard In The Yard brought some real rays of comic, cultural sunshine to our lockdown.

I would recommend the experience to everyone I can.”

Mike, audience

Ladies and gentlemen!  Wrap up in your favourite blanket, grab some drinks & snacks and snuggle up with your loved ones: the Bard needs you!


Since everyone has to bubble up inside, Will Shakespeare himself will visit your screens this Christmas.

Give the Bard the greatest gift of all by helping him with his next masterpiece.


Please note that this is a special, interactive performance and that the Bard logging on with you will be unique to your own live show.

How many cameras will be tuning in to the show?

Please note that all these prices are per camera, no matter how many people are watching!

We currently receive no financial help, so your purchase truly means the world to us. Please note that by buying a virtual Bard, you directly support the actors and creatives behind the project.

Thank you for supporting the Arts and artists in these unprecedented times.

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