They say Shakespeare wrote King Lear and Macbeth

in plague quarantine...

...what they don't say is that he did it

in your garden.


2 plays about Shakespeare in quarantine, 40 Bards ready to perform it across the UK.

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Choose between 2 solo shows that are hilarious, interactive, and fit for the times!

The Plays


King Leonardo

William Shakespeare is stuck.

Like, really stuck. Blank parchment stuck.

He is trying to write a new masterpiece, and has the weight of his company's eager return to the stage on his shoulders.

What's more, his rival Ben Jonson, on top of making the best sourdough bread ever, also has a new play in the works...

Not to worry, Will has a title already:  "The Most Lamentable Comedy of King Leonardo, his Three Daughters and Their Dog". Since he might need a bit more than that, he has decided to pick your brains and make sure this new show is the smash hit it is promising to be.

"King Leonardo" is a 50-minute antidote to lockdown blues, as well as a moving and fun conversation between Shakespeare and his audience.

Considering it was a plague year and all, William Shakespeare feels good that he's written a pretty decent play that certainly seemed to please the audience.

But now the King himself has requested some new entertainment: a show about his native Scotland, and it must be a triumph!

The Bard is once more confronted with his blank parchment and is desperately looking for inspiration to create another hit...

What do people like, these days?

Murder? Mystery? Romance? Treason? Special effects?

Will has had a revolutionary idea: this time, he will give a woman the title role, and damn the critics!

Is Shakespeare taking it too far?

Join him on this new roller-coaster across classic monologues, Scottish landscapes and another year of plague lockdown.

Lady M


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