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"The idea of taking theatre into gardens feels like a grassroots revolution."

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1 play about SHAKESPEARE in quarantine

21 Bards ready to perform it across London & the Midlands

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Bard in the Yard'"

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"The most poignant reminder of the power of Shakespeare, the need for story telling, and the necessity of human connection."

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"A sweet slice of Shakespearetainment, 

a Bard visiting in your back garden - what's not to like?"

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Did you know? 

What's it all about?

Bard In The Yard is a project launched by Will & Co as a response to the closure of theatres due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to reconnect you, the audience, with the joys of live theatre while waiting

for our beloved institutions to reopen properly.

We also want to keep the show going for us, the artists, as our industry faces this unprecedented crisis. 

This project truly encapsulates the essence of our company: bringing people closer

to Shakespeare. 

The Bard's works are where the common emotional heritage of humanity can be experienced, and we believe that we need this now more than ever.

William Shakespeare, aka "The Bard", is stuck in London during the plague quarantine of 1605.

Quite literally stuck.He urgently needs to write his next masterpiece, but his parchment remains desperately blank.

If only he could speak to an audience again, and rekindle the fire of his Muse! What's that?

You have a yard in which he could perform his greatest hits and reignite the Bard-blockbuster machine, all while maintaining a suitably safe distance? And our Bard already has a great working title:

"The Lamentable Comedy of King Leonardo, his Three Daughters and Their Dog."


Find out how the Bard's quill goes from "King Leonardo" to "King Lear" in this 45-minute solo piece written for the times by Offie-nominated Artistic Director Victoria Baumgartner, and performed by one of our Bards in the comfort of your own home!