"Coming to a lawn or patio near you, the new national theatre"

The Telegraph

"This interactive solo is irresistible, everyone watching is in hysterics"

The Guardian



They say Shakespeare wrote KING LEAR and MACBETH in quarantine...

...what they don't say is that he did it in your GARDEN!

"Funny and moving, not to mention immersive."

The Independent

"The most poignant reminder of the power of Shakespeare."

Michelle Terry,

Shakespeare's Globe

“Bard in the Yard is a simply wonderful project which brings Shakespeare to everyone, delivering humanity, connection and inspiration just when we need it the most. If you’re looking for an unforgettable theatrical experience, I highly recommend it.”

Our Godmother,

Dame Helen Mirren


This summer, Shakespeare comes to you.

Help the Bard write...

William Shakespeare is stuck. Like, really stuck. He is trying to write a new masterpiece, and has the weight of his company's eager return to the stage on his shoulders. What's more, his rival Ben Jonson, on top of making the best sourdough bread ever, also has a new play in the works... Not to worry, the Bard has a title already: "The Most Lamentable Comedy of King Leonardo, his Three Daughters and Their Dog". Since he might need a bit more than that, he has decided to pick your brains and make sure this new show is the smash hit it is promising to be. This "irresistible" (The Guardian) play by author and director Victoria Gartner is a “funny and moving, not to mention immersive" (The Independent) antidote to lockdown blues.

King Leonardo


As we’re going through a second year of plague quarantine, Shakespeare is now writing a new play. He’s been sent to Scotland to gather inspiration, but apart from meeting a witch on the moor and penning one speech about a dagger (and it is a pretty rough draft) - he’s got nothing! The new King will have his head on a stick if the Bard dares show his quill in London without having finished this Scottish play. Join us for this brand new roller-coaster ride of classic monologues and plague quarantine travails from writer and director Victoria Gartner, and enjoy this show "delivered to perfection" (The Telegraph)! Our Godmother Dame Helen Mirren says it best, it's “an unforgettable theatrical experience."

The Scottish Play

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Don't have a yard?

Bard in The Yard is a project launched as a response to the closure of theatres due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Spring 2020. We desperately wanted to reconnect you, the audience, with the joys of live theatre while waiting for our beloved institutions to reopen properly. We also wanted to keep the show going for us, the artists, as our industry faces this unprecedented crisis.

Last summer, we are proud to have delighted you! And we cannot wait to see you again

in your yards, in schools, in care homes, pubs, clubs, outdoor theatres, on jetties, in cathedrals... All the world's our stage, really.

This year, we are back with actors all over the UK and Scotland, all ready to deliver one of our solo shows to you! Our cast is composed of seasoned outdoor performers with a particular talent for Shakespeare, who have credits from the RSC, the National Theatre, the BBC and more. 


Our actors are ready to bring the Bard back to your yard

in this solo piece fit for the times!